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Volunteer Training Resources

Resource articles to help you become a great Camp Counselor or Counselor-in-Training

We want our campers to have a great experience at camp. We also want you to have a great experience as a volunteer. Here are some articles and resources to help meet these goals. Please download and read anything that looks helpful to you as you get ready for camp. If you have lots of questions about a specific topic, you may want to print the articles and bring them with you to camp.

Camp Songs, Skits, & Games (fun): Here are some websites with ideas for silly camp songs, skits, and games. These have tons of safe, cheap activities for when you have downtime with the campers

The following articles are password protected. If you need a password, please contact us.

How to Be a Great Camp Counselor

Games and Activities

Cancer Information

Want to learn more about cancer? Visit the University of Utah Drug Information Service RxWeblinks for Oncology. This website has links to many reputable cancer information sites.

Development & Sensitive Issues

Communication & Togetherness, or, More Touchy-Feely Stuff

If you cannot find what you need here, please contact us at 801-631-2742 or using the form below, and we will try to help you find the information you need.

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