Camp Hobé is a special psychosocial support program for children being treated for cancer and similarly-treated disorders & their families. Through summer camp programs and family outings, we provide a place for them to be “kids” having fun. Our mission is to create an atmosphere that enhances self-esteem; fosters independence and friendships; and creates a sense of belonging. Read below to get a brief overview, or dive in to find out even more about Camp Hobé.


Camp Hobé is a special psychosocial support program designed for children with cancer and similarly-treated disorders. Family members can participate in our programs, as well. Camp Hobé gives these families the opportunity to participate in fun activities just like individuals whose families are not affected by these illnesses. Our program offerings include three camp sessions each summer for kids and teens between the ages of 4 to 19 years, and at least 2 family outings during the fall and winter. Our summer camp program provides medical and psychosocial supervision to ensure children are safe both mentally and physically during camp.Learn more.

Camp Dates

Camp Hobé summer camp takes place every June.  View our Calendar

Where is Camp Hobe?

Camp Hobé summer camp is held at Camp Wapiti in Settlement Canyon, near Tooele, Utah, about a 45 minute drive from downtown Salt Lake City. The Utah Elks organization built and continues to fund the facility which is used by other health care camps throughout the year. Read more.

What Parents Need to Know

People, especially parents, have many questions about Camp Hobé.

Directors & Staff

Camp Hobé board members and much of the staff are volunteers, although most of our directors are paid staff. View Board and Staff.

Camp Programs & Activities

At Camp Hobé, campers have the opportunity to rediscover self-confidence and build meaningful friendships. Children of all ages make lifelong friends who understand the devastating effects of a frightening disease. Read more.


Children are invited to participate in Camp Hobé programs based on treatment status, state of residence, and treatment center. Registration invitations are sent out each spring. Get more info.

Camp History

We’ve been around for more than 30 years!  Learn about our founding and the changes over the years.


Camp Hobé is an ACA-accredited camp. Check out our affiliations and accreditations.

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