Kids and their families are invited to participate in Camp Hobé programs based on treatment status, state of residence, and treatment center. Summer camp registration invitations are sent each spring.

Request a registration invitation, our staff will review your request to ensure that your family meets our eligibility guidelines.

If your child has been invited to attend Camp Hobé summer camp and you have received registration information, please complete the online registration process for each camper. Once your registration information is confirmed, your family will have online access all required camp forms and information that your child will need in order to attend camp.

Once you have registered and been confirmed, please review all information. To ensure that our staff can review forms prior to camp check-in, we ask families to complete all required forms at least 2 weeks before the start of the camp session.

Registration Fees

Summer Camp: The cost to your family is minimal. We understand these illnesses have a huge financial impact, and we believe no child should be turned away from summer camp due to finances. We only charge a registration fee of $15 each for Day Camp / Hobé Juniors, and $35 each for Kids Week / Teen Week. In additional, early registration discounts are available for all camp sessions.

Virtual Camp: When offered, virtual camp sessions are free. No registration fees are charged.

Family Outings: Family outings are free. No registration fees are charged.

Refund Policy

Summer Camp: Summer camp registration fees are refunded only in specific circumstances, minus a $5 per camper cancellation fee. If campers do not attend their camp session, we will only refund registration fees / deposits if you call our office before the session starts. You must tell us the camper is not coming to camp. If the camper cannot attend because of illness, you can call any time before camp starts and still get a refund (minus the cancellation fee). If the camper decides not to attend camp for any reason besides illness, you must call at least one week before camp starts if you want a refund (minus the cancellation fee). We do not give any refunds if a camper leaves during camp for any reason, including illness, schedule conflicts, or disciplinary action. If you do not inform us of the cancellation, we are unable to refund any portion of your money.

  • Campership Deposits: Campership (or fee waiver) deposits are refunded when the camper checks in at the campsite. We do not give refunds for campership deposits in the event of cancellation, regardless of the reason.

Virtual Camp: When offered, no registration fees are charged for Virtual Camp Hobé; therefore, no refunds will be given for registration fees.

Family Outings: No registration fees are charged for family outings; therefore, no refunds will be given for registration fees.

Family T-Shirts: We do not give refunds for purchases of additional T-shirts for family members. Any T‑shirts that are not picked up by July 31 will be donated to Hematology / Oncology patients at Primary Children’s Hospital.

Donations: We will refund donations, if the donor requests within 30 days of payment.