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What is Camp Hobé?

Camp Hobé offers psychosocial support programs for children being treated for cancer and similarly-treated disorders & their families, serving Utah and the surrounding Intermountain area. Through summer camp programs and family outings, we provide a place for everyone to be “kids,” heal, and have fun.

Update 4/4/2024: We are currently accepting unsolicited volunteer applications for  summer 2024 for only the following positions:

  • Lifeguards with current certification and at least 3 months of experience
  • Medical staff with current Utah licensure as a physician, physician assistant, nurse practitioner, or nurse
  • Applicants who are willing to supervise cabins for boy campers (ages 7-19 years), including during overnight hours

Please submit applications as soon as possible so that we can get everyone interviewed in a timely manner.

Volunteering at Camp Hobé will be one of the best experiences of your life!  There is so much to learn from our inspirational campers and their families. We never run out of fun! Summer Camp and Year-Round Volunteer Positions 

Learn how you can support the efforts of Camp Hobé. Learn about our sponsors, affiliations and accreditations. Access photo galleries and our social media.

At Camp Hobé programs, participants have the opportunity to rediscover self-confidence and build meaningful friendships. Participants of all ages make lifelong friends that understand the devastating effects of a frightening disease. Programs Camp Hobé currently offers four summer camp programs during the summer and at least 2 family outings during the off-season…

What Parents need to know

Parents have many questions about Camp Hobé. We’ve created this section to provide answers to the things parents need and want to know. 


Q: Who are we and what is our mission? A: Camp Hobé offers special psychosocial support programs designed for kids and teens currently being treated...

Medical Support at Summer Camp

Q: What medical facilities are available at the campsite? A: The campsite has an onsite infirmary that is staffed by trained pediatric nurses and a...

Summer Camp

Q: What do the kids do at summer camp? A: In-person and virtual programs provide activities to help participants learn healthy coping...

About the Summer
Camp program

Q: When and where is Camp Hobé summer camp? A: Camp Hobé summer camp is held each June (in-person) and July (virtual). Sessions are usually...