Community support is key to our success and we recognize the efforts it takes to organize and hold an event on our behalf. We could not provide the magic of our programs to children with cancer (& similarly-treated disorders) without your support!

To help even more, consider sponsoring a fundraiser or ask your employer about fund-matching programs. If you have questions about donations or fundraisers, contact Christina Beckwith, Executive Director at 801-631-2742 or with the form below.

Here are some examples of events you can support, as well as organizations that have helped us in the past:

CatchACure for Cancer

This annual 1-day Bass and Walleye fishing tournament is held at Starvation Reservoir each June on the weekend after Father’s Day. Founded in 2001 by Jerry and Carri Schlief, the event has raised almost $280,000 to support our programs over the years. Initially run by the Utah Bass Federation, the event is now run by an experienced and enthusiastic team of Camp Hobé volunteers. Two-angler teams can sign up to compete in the Bass tournament, the Walleye tournament, or both; and may also participate in option pots for big fish and mixed couples. After the fishing ends, anglers and the public are invited to lunch and charity raffle. This event has established a strong tradition for being a low-pressure day of fun, good times, and generosity. Winners typically donate their prize checks to Camp Hobé, and anglers often fish with their spouses or other family members. It’s a great environment to experience tournament fishing for the first time. Stay tuned for the 2023 Facebook event page and entry form.

The Kevin B. Kennedy Game Ball Run – Sponsored by the University of Utah Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity.

The Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity, Alpha Tau Chapter at the University of Utah hold this annual fundraiser each year. The event began in 1988. In 1994, the event was renamed in memory of Pi Kappa Alpha Past-President Kevin B. Kennedy who lost his three-year battle with brain cancer. The fraternity has partnered with Camp Hobé on the event since 1997, raising almost $230,000 to support our programs. Traditionally, the fraternity members ran the game ball more than 50 miles between the University of Utah and the Brigham Young University football stadiums before the rivalry game. During years without the rivalry game, the fraternity runs over others to support our programs, raising money through business and individual sponsors.

Live PC Give PC – Hosted by the Park City Community Foundation

LivePC GivePC Park City Community Foundation

This annual local online day of giving is held in early November, to support our programs and families throughout Summit County.

Giving Tuesday

This annual worldwide online day of giving is held the Tuesday after Thanksgiving, to support all Camp Hobe’ programs. The official 2023 event will be November 28th, although you can support us by giving anytime!

  • Matrons of Mayhem Charity Bingo
  • Other Fraternities
  • Sports Organizations
  • Restaurants
  • Retail Outlets

In order to help your event run more smoothly, we have guidelines in place for community events held on behalf of Camp Hobé. Please read them carefully, especially the section regarding tax receipts. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Christina Beckwith, Executive Director at 801-631-2742 or with the form below.

What Camp Hobé requests of community event organizers:

  • Please contact the Camp Hobé office to register new events or update us on continuing events. Our office must be aware of all events that are held in support of our program.
  • Please read the entire form and complete page 3 early in your planning process. Our staff will help you fill out the rest of the form while working to approve the event.
  • It is the event organizer’s responsibility to communicate to sponsors, participants, and the general public that Camp Hobé is not conducting the event, but is the event’s beneficiary.

Camp Hobé can provide the following assistance once our office has approved an event:

  • Advice and expertise on event planning.
  • Event listing on our social media pages.
  • A support letter that validates the authenticity of the event / organizer, from date of issue until the event is complete.
  • Branded supplies, such as information brochures, pens, and other promotional materials.
  • Attendance of a Camp Hobé representative, when appropriate and available.

Camp Hobé cannot provide the following:

  • Funding or reimbursement for event expenses;
  • Donor or sponsor lists;
  • Guaranteed attendance of staff, volunteers, or attendees at your event;
  • Applications for licenses, such as liquor or insurance;
  • Prizes, auction items, or awards;
  • Tax receipts for cash or in-kind goods that were not directly received by the camp office (please also see information on tax receipts).

Other Guidelines:

  • All events require completion and approval of a Community Event Agreement
  • All publicity (eg, media releases, print materials, promotional materials) for the proposed event must be approved by Camp Hobé prior to being printed, released, or otherwise disseminated.
  • The Camp Hobé name and logo may not to be used by a Third Party / Community Event (eg, on a website or on promotional material), unless Camp Hobé has granted prior permission to the third party in writing.
  • The event organizer will obtain all necessary permits, licenses, and insurance for the event at its own expense.
  • Our office must receive all funds and tax receipt information (if tax receipts are pre-approved) within 30 days following the event.
  • If the event is canceled, please notify our office at least two weeks prior to the planned event date or at the organizer’s earliest opportunity.
  • Camp Hobé shall have the right at any time and for any reason to request that the community event organizer / Third Party cease use of the name Camp Hobé in connection with the event.
  • Camp Hobé retains the right to review the financial statements and internal controls of the event.
  • Camp Hobé will not assume any legal or financial liability at a community event.
  • Camp Hobé is not responsible for any damage, or accidents to persons or property at a community event.

Get complete details in our Camp Hobé Community Event Guidelines document

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