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Transportation to Summer Camp

Q: How do we get to in-person summer camp?

A: You are responsible for bringing your children to summer camp and picking them up at the end of the session.

A: There is no shuttle from PCH. We may be able to help you find a carpool with other families in your area. However, you must complete all forms prior to sending your camper(s) with the carpool. If you don’t, your child will not be allowed to stay at camp.

A: Some funding is available to cover gas expenses for families with financial need. Travel assistance may be requested when you submit your child’s registration request. Requests are reviewed by our staff prior to the camp session. If approved, travel assistance is provided after the close of the camp season.

A: We will provide you with a map and directions to the campsite once your child’s registration is confirmed.

Q: When do I bring my children to in-person summer camp?

A: For all in-person summer camp sessions, camper check-in starts at 9:30 am on the first day of that specific session. Families sign up for a specific arrival window for their campers. We ask that families plan to arrive during their chosen window so that camp activities may start on time.

A: When you arrive at the campsite, volunteers will meet you at the parking area just outside the gate to Camp Wapiti. We will give you a brief health screening form to fill out. You must turn in the form and have it checked off by our volunteers before you enter the campsite and check in your campers (our volunteers will also follow this process when they arrive). This screening will help us quickly identify anyone who may be ill, and reduce exposing others to them. We believe that this process helps us protect the health of our campers and volunteers.

A: During camper check-in, several camp staff will review your camper’s forms with you. The specific order of the stations may vary.

  • Administrative staff will check that all release forms are completed.
  • Lifeguards will verify the camper’s ability and permission to swim.
  • Medical staff will review all medical forms and medications.
  • Last, volunteers will help take the camper’s gear to their assigned cabin; after this, parents / guardians are free to leave.

A: Expect the check-in process to take between 30 – 60 minutes, depending on how many campers you are checking in, your child’s medical needs, and the number of medications your child needs during the camp session.

Q: When do I pick up my children from in-person summer camp?

A: Kids Week (7-11 years old) and Teen Week (12-19 years old): Camper check-out is from 3:00 pm to 3:30 pm.

A: Day Camp (4-6 years Old): Camper check-out is from 4:00 pm to 4:30 pm on each day.

A: Hobé Juniors (6 years Old): Camper check-out is from 4:00 pm to 4:30 pm on the second day.

A: Expect the checkout process to take between 5 – 15 minutes, depending on how many campers you are out.

Q: Who can pick up my children at the end of summer camp?

A: Campers may only be picked up by parents or legal guardians, or an adult whose name you have given us in writing. All campers must be picked up and signed out by an adult (someone over 18 years old) at the end of the camp session.

A: If you will not be picking up your child personally, you must give us the name in writing of another adult who is authorized to pick up your child. Even if the adult is the camper’s sibling, you MUST put their name on the form or we will be unable to release the camper to them. If your child is a Teen Week camper and is licensed to drive, you can indicate this on the form.