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Volunteer at Summer Camp

Update 4/4/2024: We are currently accepting unsolicited volunteer applications for  summer 2024 for only the following positions:

  • Lifeguards with current certification and at least 3 months of experience
  • Medical staff with current Utah licensure as a physician, physician assistant, nurse practitioner, or nurse
  • Applicants who are willing to supervise cabins for boy campers (ages 7-19 years), including during overnight hours

Please submit applications as soon as possible so that we can get everyone interviewed in a timely manner.

Volunteering at Camp Hobé summer camp will be one of the best experiences of your life!  There is so much to learn from our inspirational campers and we never run out of fun!

Summer Camp Volunteer Positions

There are a variety of positions open, from camp counselors to medical staff.  Learn more.

Commitment and Scheduling

We ask for a high-level of commitment from our summer camp volunteers.  It is critical that volunteers commit to remaining onsite for the entire camp session. Volunteers must stay overnight at camp during their chosen session, arriving for precamp onsite training and staying until after the campers leave. Learn more.

Requirements and Application

All volunteers must reapply each year, whether new or returning. Volunteers are chosen based on the applicant’s strengths, the camp’s needs, and past performance (for returning volunteers). Learn more.

Precamp Stuff

Quick links to the staff portal for application and forms, and to the online training system. Find out more

Volunteer Training Resources

We have a wide variety of training resources compiled for both new and returning summer camp volunteers. This section is password protected. Read the training materials.