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Year-Round Administrative Assistant Volunteer

KEY FUNCTION: The Year-Round Administrative Assistant Volunteer supports the Executive Director and other leadership staff by performing administrative services. They may also help with errands during camp and throughout the year.

QUALIFICATIONS: Minimum age of 18 years required
Ability to follow instructions, ask questions, and organize materials
Computer skills, including e-mail, word-processing, spreadsheet, and database
Desire & skills needed to bring people into a functioning unit
Ability to follow-through on assigned tasks
Punctual and reliable
Self-motivated, good character, adaptability, enthusiasm, and sense of humor, patience and self-control
Open and honest in relationships; willing to learn from experience
Flexible and able to respond positively to changes in duties or schedule
Pass a criminal background check

Provide administrative support to the Executive Director, Board of Directors, and other leadership staff.
Motivate Camp Hobé Planning Committee members to work as a group.
Encourage an atmosphere of respect, acceptance, & enthusiasm.
Follow all organization policies, rules, and regulations.

SPECIFIC RESPONSIBILITIES: Working with the Executive Director, leadership staff, and Camp Hobé Planning Committee:

Provide general administrative support:

  • Make copies (year-round, but more intensive Mar – June)
  • Facilitate mailings (year-round) – make copies, collate info, stuff envelopes, drop off mailing
  • Pick up or drop off supplies as needed (year-round, but more intensive Mar – June)

Assist in managing staff member records:

  • Prepare Training manuals (Apr – May) – copy, punch, and collate
  • Prepare staff file folders (Apr – May)

Assist with camper recruitment and registration:

  • Assist with registration (May – June) – enter information in database, send confirmations / packets
  • Prepare camper file folders (May – June)

Other duties as needed or desired.

Protect confidentiality of campers and staff
Able to communicate in a professional manner during public relations
Able to understand instructions from staff
Able to communicate by phone and email
Willingness to learn and promote our mission and support families, campers, and volunteers
Form a team with staff that is dedicated to providing the best experience for our campers, families, and staff

POSITION TYPE: Year-Round Volunteer position duties will occur primarily during the off-season, July through May. Setting includes at-home office duties, family events, and volunteer recruiting events throughout the year. May need some onsite assistance during the summer camp sessions with supply runs, or specific camp activities. Flexible schedule, with specific dates to be arranged with staff.

RESPONSIBLE TO: Executive Director, Deputy Director, Volunteer Coordinator.