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KEY FUNCTION: The lifeguard keeps everyone safe while the pool is being used, preventing drowning and other injuries from occurring in the pool area. The lifeguard monitors pool activities, enforces pool policies and safety rules, and communicates these policies / rules to staff and campers.

QUALIFICATIONS: Minimum age of 15 years required
Minimum of 6 months of prior lifeguard experience preferred
Ability to relate to one’s peer group
Ability to provide guidance, verbal instruction, and supervision to others in a caring, supportive manner
Ability to react to emergency situations quickly, perform strenuous activity, and on occasion, assist or lift persons in distress of varying weights
Ability to remain alert at all times while sitting, standing or walking for various lengths of time
Self-motivated, good character, adaptability, enthusiasm, and sense of humor, patience and self-control
Open and honest in relationships; willing to learn from experience
Willingness to participate in any and all camp activities
Flexible and able to respond positively to changes in duties or schedule
Current CPR and FIRST AID required
Current certification from a nationally-recognized certifying body (eg, American Red Cross, Starguard, YMCA, Starfish Aquatics Institute, Ellis & Associates

Recognize and respond effectively in emergency situations.
Encourage an atmosphere of respect, acceptance, & enthusiasm
Follow, implement, and enforce all camp policies, rules, and regulations
Facilitate integration of new and returning staff
Facilitate communication between all camp staff

Attend daily staff meetings.
Assist the Pool Leader with evaluating, orienting, and testing campers and other camp staff.
Supervise swimming activities and ensure that policies, guidelines and safety procedures are followed.
Assist in preparing and cleaning the pool and related facilities and equipment.
Actively guard and scan the pool area at all times; refrain from socializing while guarding.
Wear swimsuit and guard shirt while on duty. Prepare to get wet.
Conduct pool inspections and report any issues or concerns to the Pool Leader.
Be proactive and warn swimmers of improper activities before an accident/injury happens.
Assist in the documentation of any incidents or injuries.
Perform first aid and collaborate with medical staff in the event of injury, rescue swimmers in distress or danger or drowning, administer CPR, if necessary.
Be able to perform any other duties or responsibilities at the request of Pool Leader.
Other duties as assigned or needed.

Protect confidentiality of campers and staff
Physically able to participate in all camp activities
Able to understand and follow instructions given by directors and leaders
Able to communicate with and instruct others, both verbally and nonverbally
Able to observe and assess camper and staff member behavior, & enforce appropriate regulations
Possess strength and endurance required to maintain supervision of campers & staff
Able to identify and respond to hazards; able to assist in emergency situations
Form a team with other camp staff that is dedicated to providing the best camp experience for all campers

POSITION TYPE: Volunteer, duties primarily occur onsite during the camp sessions

RESPONSIBLE TO: Executive Director, Deputy Director, Assistant Director, Program Director, Pool Leader.