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Head Cook

KEY FUNCTION: The Head Cook works with the Kitchen Supervisor to prepare menus and order supplies. The Head Cook plans and supervises meal preparation at camp, including assigning staff, following established guidelines, obtaining any needed supplies, and meeting special dietary needs.

QUALIFICATIONS: Minimum age of 25 years old preferred
Previous camp or leadership experience
Have working knowledge of running a kitchen for large groups
Have experience in food planning & preparation for large groups
Self-motivated, good character, adaptability, enthusiasm, and sense of humor, patience and self-control
Open and honest in relationships; willing to learn from experience
Ability to provide guidance, verbal instruction, and supervision to others in a caring, supportive manner
Willingness to participate in camp activities
Flexible and able to respond positively to changes in duties or schedule
Dietitian or nutritionist preferred
Food handler permit or ServSafe certification preferred

Work with Camp Hobé Kitchen Supervisor to plan menu for camp session(s)
Motivate kitchen staff to work together as a group
Give direction in carrying out policies & operation of camp kitchen
Supervise kitchen staff, counselors, and campers
Coordinate with activity leaders to prevent overlapping or conflicts
Encourage an atmosphere of respect, acceptance, & enthusiasm
Follow, implement, and enforce all camp policies, rules, and regulations

Prior to the camp sessions:
Coordinate with Kitchen Supervisor to plan menus & order supplies as needed
Attend and assist with pre-camp training
During the camp sessions:
Attend daily staff meetings or send a representative from the kitchen staff
Instruct kitchen staff in safety, appliance use, refrigeration, dishwashing, and other procedures
Oversee unloading & storage of food supplies
Utilize safe storage measures for foods
Check each storage area (pantry, refrigerator, etc) for proper storage temperatures & conditions
Ensure that all meals are prepared according to camp schedule
Oversee preparation of meals, including any special diets for attendees with medical needs
Submit any receipts to the camp office as soon as possible, but within 15 days of the end of camp
Prepare a report on exact amounts of supplies used
Complete inventory of kitchen at end of camp session
Evaluate performance of assigned staff during camp (informal) and after sessions end (formal)
Other duties as needed or desired

Protect confidentiality of campers and staff
Able to understand & implement requirements of ACA accreditation standards
Able to communicate instructions to campers and staff
Able to observe & assess camper and staff member behavior, & enforce appropriate regulations
Possess strength & endurance required to maintain supervision of kitchen staff
Able to identify and respond to hazards; able to assist in emergency situations.
Able to communicate by phone, & operate a vehicle in emergency situations

POSITION TYPE: Volunteer, duties primarily occur onsite during the camp sessions, although some pre-camp planning and post-camp wrap-up is required

RESPONSIBLE TO: Camp Director, Camp Hobé Planning Committee, Camp Kitchen Supervisor