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Health Care Provider: Nurse / Physician / Nurse Practitioner / Physician Assistant / Emergency Medical Technician

KEY FUNCTION: Camp Health Care Providers are responsible for everyone’s general welfare, providing for daily needs, first aid, and emergency treatment.

QUALIFICATIONS: Minimum age 23 years preferred
Current Utah license as an MD, NP, PA, RN, or EMT; experience in Oncology or camping preferred
Current CPR, Advanced Life Support, & American Red Cross advanced first aid certification preferred
Valid Utah Driver’s license
Self-motivated, good character, adaptability, enthusiasm, and sense of humor, patience and self-control
Open and honest in relationships; willing to learn from experience
Willingness to participate in camp activities
Flexible and able to respond positively to changes in duties or schedule

Motivate other Camp Health Care Providers to work as a team with each other and other camp staff
Work as a team with other Camp Health Care Providers and other camp staff
Encourage an atmosphere of respect, acceptance, & enthusiasm
Follow and enforce all camp policies, rules, and regulations

SPECIFIC RESPONSIBILITIES (Note: must be onsite during the camp session)

  • Attend pre-camp training

During the camp sessions:

  • Coordinate medical care with other Camp Health Care Providers
  • Provide health screening for staff & campers during check-in
  • Organize the Infirmary
  • Maintain the medical log and participate in medical record keeping
  • Dispense medications and give advice on daily medications when indicated, as qualified
  • Help manage daily sick call
  • Administer first aid when necessary
  • Observe camper and staff health status
  • Help oversee sanitation practices at the facility and ensure that proper procedures are followed
  • Help in management of any camper or staff disabilities
  • Assist in medical inventory before leaving the campsite
  • Notify Camp Director immediately when: any accident or medical illness occurs, additional medical assistance or transport is required (notify Camp Director before leaving the campsite), or the emergency contact must be called for a camper or volunteer
  • Attend daily staff meetings as directed by the Chief Camp Health Care Provider
  • Other duties as needed or desired

Protect confidentiality of campers and staff
Able to understand & implement requirements of ACA standards
Able to communicate instructions to Camp Health Care Providers, other camp staff, and campers
Able to observe and assess the health status of campers and staff, & respond to their health care needs
Possess strength & endurance required to maintain supervision of campers and staff
Able to identify & respond to hazards; able to assist in emergency situations.
Able to communicate by phone, & operate a vehicle in emergency situations
Form a team with other camp staff that is dedicated to providing the best camp experience for all campers

POSITION TYPE: Volunteer, duties primarily occur onsite during the camp sessions

RESPONSIBLE TO: Camp Director, Health Care Administrator, Chief Camp Health Care Provider, Medical Director.